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Scientific Program

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Scientific Program

Time Lecture Title Speakers
Hall E3+E4 Korean Session
10:00-12:00 Live Endo Chairperson
Dongryul Shin / Sung-baik Choi, Republic of Korea
10:00-12:00 [Live Endo] 개원가의 실전 엔도
(Practical endodontics in real world
Pyung Sik Kim
Suwon Chois dental clinic, Republic of Korea
13:30-14:30 [Discussion] 나의 Endo 2% 채우기
(Live Endo behind stories-Panel discussion)
  • Pyung Sik Kim, Suwon Chois Dental Clinic, Republic of Korea
  • Dongryul Shin, Gangnam Ludenplus Dental Clinic, Republic of Korea
  • Sung-baik Choi, Pastel Dental Clinic, Republic of Korea
  • Ho Keel Hwang, Chosun University, College Of Dentistry, Republic of Korea
  • Yong-Bum Cho, Dankook University Dental College, Republic of Korea
Hall E5+E6
09:00-10:00 Invited Lectures 25 Chairperson
Miri Kim, Republic of Korea
09:00-10:00 Root resorption after dental trauma - findings and treatment possibilities Andreas K. Braun
Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam, The Netherlands
10:30-12:30 Invited Lectures 26 Chairperson
Il Young Jung, Republic of Korea
10:30-11:30 Current concepts in endodontic microsurgery: Esthetic management of the soft tissue Francesco Maggiore
Private Practice, Germany
11:30-12:30 How to prevent instrument breakage by creating a mechanical reproducible Glide Path (Don’t rotate, reciprocate)” Yosef Nahmias
Alliance Dental Specialists, Canada
Hall E3+E4 Korean Session
13:30-17:00 Special Lectures Chairperson
Su-Jung Shin, Republic of Korea
15:30-16:15 근관치료 한 치아의 장기간 예후관찰, 이런 경우 특히 주의하자
(Long-term prognostic evaluation of my root canal treatment)
Luke Sung Kyo Kim
Kyungpook National University, Republic of Korea
16:15-17:00 이럴 때는 재근관치료 혹은 치근단 수술이 답이다.
(Nonsurgical vs. surgical retreatment after failure of initial root canal treatment)
Seungho Baek
Seoul National University School Of Dentistry, Republic of Korea
Hall E5+E6
13:30-16:30 Invited Lectures 27 Chairperson
Hyeon-Cheol Henry Kim, Republic of Korea
13:30-14:30 Re-establishing biological order : A Call for action Ibrahim Abu Tahun
University of Jordan, Jordan
14:30-15:30 Contemporary approaches to instrumentation of non-round root canals Michael Solomonov
Sheba Medical Center, Israel
15:30-16:30 Prognosis of apical periodontitis: Does size really matters Ahmed Abdel Rahman Hashem
Faculty Of Dentistry, Ain Shams University, Egypt

Hands-on Course

Time Lecture Title Speakers
Hall E1 (3F)
09:00-12:00 Objective analysis and application of current trends on root canal cleaning, shaping and fillingDetail ▼ Jenner Argueta
Universidad Mariano Galvez De Guatemala, Guatemala
Hall E1 (3F)
14:00-17:00 Fanta Dental Materials (to be updated)
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