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Scientific Program

Time Lecture Title Speakers
Auditorium (3F)
09:20-10:30 Invited Lectures 5 Chairperson
Kwang Won Lee, Republic of Korea
09:20-10:30 The paradigm shift of minimal invasive endodontics Gianluca Plotino
GPT Dental Clinic, Rome, Italy
Nick Grande
Catholic University of Sacred Heart of Rome, Italy
11:00-12:10 Invited Lectures 7 Chairperson
Hyeon-Cheol Henry Kim, Republic of Korea
11:00-12:10 Management of second mesio-buccal, narrow and curved canals with only one reciprocating instrument. Ghassan Yared
Endodontist, Private Practice, Canada

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12:20-12:50 Heat treated NiTi and efficient single file, yes it’s possible.
* Sponsored by Micro-Mega
Tara Mc Mahon
Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Belgium
Hall E3+E4 (3F)
09:20-10:40 Country Representative Speakers 9 Moderator
Tai Cheol Yoon, Republic of Korea
09:20-10:00 Biological perspectives and clinical applications of calcium silicate-based bioceramics Kyung-San Min
Republic of Korea
10:00-10:40 Translational Research for Future, Advanced, and Present Endodontic Therapies Chiaki Kitamura
11:00-12:20 Country Representative Speakers 10 Moderator
Byeong-Hoon Cho, Republic of Korea
11:00-11:40 Evaluation of the premixed bioceramic in comparison to the other calcium silicate based materials used in Vital Pulp Therapy and Root Repair Ahmad Al-Hiyasat
11:40-12:20 Management of broken instruments: A Review with three case reports with different approaches. Sirawut Hiran-us
Hall E5+E6 (3F)
09:20-10:20 Invited Lectures 6 Chairperson
Kee-Yeon Kum, Republic of Korea
09:20-10:20 Critical issues in defining clinical outcomes and treatment success. From micro access to restorative treatment. Eudes Gondim Jr.
Associação Paulista dos Cirurgiões Dentistas (APCD), Brazil
11:00-12:10 Invited Lectures 8 Chairperson
Seok-Woo Chang, Republic of Korea
11:00-12:10 Management of severe curvatures and complex anatomy with controlled memory files: A new approach Antonis Chaniotis
Private Practice –microEndodontics, Greece

*Sponsored by COLTENE

R1 (3F)
09:30-10:30 Oral Research Presentation 11 Moderator
Minju Song, Republic of Korea
09:30-09:45 (OP-043) Non surgical management of rare anomaly: Dens invaginatus Sweta Bhandari
09:45-10:00 (OP-044) Depletion rate of hydrogen peroxide and intracoronal bleaching efficacy of sodium perborate mixed with water Mohamed Amer
10:00-10:15 (OP-045) Evaluation of PUFA index in screening for endodontic disease: Reliability and accuracy Lay Ann Teh
10:15-10:30 (OP-046) Effect of the retrograde filling on bacterial penetration and proliferation in the apical part of the root - CLSM study Shlomo Elbahary
11:00-12:15 Oral Research Presentation 13 Moderator
Se-Hee Park, Republic of Korea
11:00-11:15 (OP-047) Evaluation of flow patterns of various irrigants in the canal isthmus using modified Endovac technique: A CFD analysis Dhanasekaran Sihivahanan
11:15-11:30 (OP-048) Diagnosis and treatment of cracked tooth - A clinical case series Medha Jain
11:30-11:45 (OP-049) Impact of different activation techniques in reducing intracanal Enterococcus faecalis populations: An in vitro study Wajih Al Hajj
11:45-12:00 (OP-050) The effect of osmotic stress on Enterococcus faecalis and Streptococcus sanguinis viability and NaOCl biocidal activity Giampiero Rossi-Fedele
12:00-12:15 (OP-051) Enhanced antimicrobial infiltration into radicular dentin via electrokinetic flow Anna Hwayoung Yi
R2 (3F)
09:30-10:30 Oral Research Presentation 12 Moderator
Hisashi Anan, Japan
09:30-09:45 (OP-052) Effect of Laser photodynamic therapy towards phenotype character at cps 1, 2 and 5 genotype of Persistent Intra Radicular Infection Enterococcus faecalis Isolates Dewa Ayu N.P.A.
09:45-10:00 (OP-053) Current trends in irrigant agitation methods among endodontist in India - A KAP based survey VELMURUGAN NATANASABAPATHY
10:00-10:15 (OP-054) Comparison of success rate of different anesthesia protocols in mandibular first molars with symptomatic irreversible pulpitis Shahriar Shahi
Iran (Islamic Republic Of)
10:15-10:30 (OP-055) How do we deal with the geriatric patients? Fatima Basturk
11:00-12:15 Oral Research Presentation 14 Moderator
Hyoung Hoon Jo, Republic of Korea
11:00-11:15 (OP-056) Difference of fracture toughness of nanohybrid resin composite with Fiber Reinforced Composite (FRC). Chandra Sari Kurniawati
11:15-11:30 (OP-057) In-vitro assessment of free active chlorine in sodium hypochlorite solution mixed with lidocaine hydrochloride with adrenaline. Charanya Chandrasekaran
11:30-11:45 (OP-058) The use of micro-computed tomography in assessing root canal filling quality in endodontic research Asiye Dincer
11:45-12:00 (OP-059) Apicoectomy using Er,Cr: YSGG laser versus conventional methods for microsurgical retrograde endodontic treatment: A Comparative Retrospective Investigation Thanh An Hong
12:00-12:15 (OP-060) Comparison of mechanical properties of reciproc, reciproc blue and T-endo must nickel-titanium reciprocating instruments Taha Özyürek
Auditorium (3F)
13:30-14:40 Invited Lectures 9 Chairperson
Hyeon-Cheol Henry Kim, Republic of Korea
13:30-14:40 "Past, present and future of endodontic files": Where science meets technology Sergio Kuttler
International Endodontic Institute in Fort Lauderdale, USA

*Sponsored by Dentsply Sirona

15:10-16:20 Invited Lectures 11 Chairperson
Frank Setzer, USA
15:10-16:20 Predictable and minimally invasive method to retrieve a separated file Yoshitsugu Terauchi
CT & Microendodontic Center, Japan
16:30-17:40 Invited Lectures 13 Chairperson
Won mann Oh, Republic of Korea
16:30-17:40 From vital pulp therapy to anatomically directed root treatment - Everything is changing! Martin Trope
University of Pennsylvania, USA

*Sponsored by FKG

Hall E3+E4 (3F)
13:30-14:50 Country Representative Speakers 11 Moderator
Nobuyuki Tani-Ishii, Japan
13:30-14:10 Dental inlays among the preHispanic mayas.
Pathologic effects and cement characterization
Marco Ramirez-Salomon
14:10-14:50 Looking through the retrospective scope- How I would have done it differently Brian Jafine
15:10-17:10 Country Representative Speakers 12 Moderator
Tara Mc Mahon, Belgium
15:10-15:50 Saving the hopeless tooth Mehmet Baybora Kayahan
15:50-16:30 Activation and agitation of endodontic irrigation solutions: Evidence and a critical assessment of the clinical attainments Roeland De Moor
16:30-17:10 The sinus tract, a symptom or an illness? Liliana Artaza
Hall E5+E6 (3F)
13:30-14:40 Invited Lectures 10 Chairperson
Anil Kishen, Canada
13:30-14:40 A realistic look at root canal fillings. Trends, evidence and clinical performance. Hagay Shemesh
Academic Centre of Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA), The Netherlands
15:10-16:20 Invited Lectures 12 Chairperson
Woocheol Lee, Republic of Korea
15:10-16:10 How asymmetric geometry and heat-treatment influence the behavior of rotary root canal instruments Franck Diemer
Toulouse Dental Surgery’s University, France
16:30-17:40 Invited Lectures 14 Chairperson
Rashid El Abed, United Arab Emirates
16:30-17:40 Solutions to simplify shaping and cleaning: Improving the quality of the root canal treatment Filippo Cardinali
Private Practice, Italy
R1 (3F)
13:30-14:30 Free Lectures 6 Moderator
YeonJee Yoo, Republic of Korea
13:30-14:00 (FL-011) Vital pulp therapy, When, Why and How? Long follow-up case series presentation. Jenner Argueta
14:00-14:30 (FL-012) Utlrasonic vibration & thermo-hydrodynamic obturation method for root canal filling: New concept & technical overview Yong-Sik Cho
Republic Of Korea
15:10-16:10 Free Lectures 7 Moderator
Fugen Dagli Comert, Oman
15:10-15:40 (FL-013) Bibliometric analysis of endodontic journal: A global perspective of 5 years Lora Mishra
15:40-16:10 (FL-014) Laser-assisted endodontics and safety Eleftherios Terry Farmakis
16:30-17:30 Free Lectures 8 Moderator
Sungeun Yang, Republic of Korea
16:30-17:00 (FL-015) How it is the outcome of Apical Periodontitis influenced by different factors: The missing link ELISABETTA COTTI
17:00-17:30 (FL-016) Pharmacologic management of mandibular nerve injury after Endodontic treatment Seong Taek Kim
Republic Of Korea
R2 (3F)
13:30-14:45 Oral Research Presentation 15 Moderator
Vasfiye Isik, Turkey
13:30-13:45 (OP-061) Healing of periapical lesions in children and adult patients following endodontic treatment Iris Slutzky Goldberg
13:45-14:00 (OP-062) Comparison of the shaping abilities of XP-endo Shaper and ProTaper Universal in oval-shaped canals: A micro-CT analysis Handan Ersev
14:00-14:15 (OP-063) Role of needle gauge and topical anaesthesia on pain perception during intra-pulpal injection- Double Blinded Randomized Nandini Suresh
14:15-14:30 (OP-064) Dentinal microcrack formation during root canal preparations by different rotary instruments Ezekiel Barretto
14:30-14:45 (OP-065) Comparison of Fracture Resistance of Endodontically Treated Teeth Restored with Various Post-core Applications Can Topkara
15:10-16:10 Oral Research Presentation 16 Moderator
Ji-Hyun Jang, Republic of Korea
15:10-15:25 (OP-066) Characteristic features and pulp-tooth volume ratio of C-shaped canals evaluated by CBCT Abdulkadir Ozsahin
15:25-15:40 (OP-067) Root canal anatomy of south asian indian teeth SHISHIR SINGH
15:40-15:55 (OP-068) Clinical application of 3D technology in endodontics Cemre Koc
15:55-16:10 (OP-069) Evaluation of filling ability of two different root canal sealers used with two different root canal filling techniques Etienne MEDIONI

Hands-on Course

Time Lecture Title Speakers
Hall E1 (3F)
09:00-12:00 Anatomically Directed EndodonticsDetail ▼ Martin Trope
University of Pennsylvania, USA
Hall E2 (3F)
10:00-12:00 [Masterclass] Featuring ProGlider and ProTaper GoldDetail ▼ Cliff Ruddle
Advanced Endodontics®, USA
Hall E1 (3F)
14:00-17:00 Experience the simple, fast, and safe way of root canal shaping with 2Shape and One Curve.Detail ▼ Sung Geun Cho
KyungHee University,
Republic of Korea
Conference Room 205 (2F)
14:00-17:00 VDW Endo Easy Efficient concept: shape, clean and obturateDetail ▼ Ghassan Yared
Private Practice,
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