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Scientific Program

Time Lecture Title Speakers
Auditorium (3F)
09:30-10:30 Invited Lectures 1 Chairperson
Samuel O. Dorn, USA
09:30-10:30 Are the viable cells the only predictor for delayed replantation? Seung Jong Lee
Yonsei University, Republic of Korea
11:00-12:00 Invited Lectures 2 Chairperson
Chan-Ui Hong, Republic of Korea
11:00-12:00 Non-surgical Retreatment of Cracked Teeth Nobuyuki Tani-Ishii
Kanagawa Dental University, Japan
12:20-12:50 Endodontic Microsurgery: Development of instruments and materials
* Sponsored by B&L
Syngcuk Kim
University of Pennsylvania , USA
Hall E5 (3F)
09:20-10:40 Country Representative Speakers 1 Moderator
Yoon Lee , Republic of Korea
09:20-10:00 New perspective in clinical monitoring of pulp &/or periapical status and outcomes of therapy “Potential role of molecular markers” Ghada ElHilaly Eid
10:00-10:40 CBCT in Endodontics: how and why Roberto Fornara
11:00-12:20 Country Representative Speakers 3 Moderator
Soram Oh , Republic of Korea
11:00-11:40 The use of CBCT and microscope for Diagnoses , Treatment and Follow up of root Resorption Elena Lipatova
11:40-12:20 Technological Innovations in Endodontic Practice Bun San Chong
Hall E6 (3F)
09:20-10:40 Country Representative Speakers 2 Moderator
Seungho Baek, Republic of Korea
09:20-10:00 Management of the open apex – Challenges and treatment strategies Garry Myers
10:00-10:40 3R – Retrograde Root-canal Retreatment Amir Weissman
11:00-12:20 Country Representative Speakers 4 Moderator
Mark Wotzke, Australia
11:00-11:40 Clinical Decision making after Instrument Separation Vivek Hegde
11:40-12:20 Strategic considerations in treatment planning: deciding when to treat, or extract a questionable tooth. Dorothee Louis Olszewski
Hall E3+E4 (3F)
09:30-10:30 Free Lectures 1 Moderator
DongHoon Shin, Republic of Korea
09:30-10:00 (FL-001) Performance of electronic apex locators in 3D-printed tooth models Sin-Yeon Cho
Republic Of Korea
10:00-10:30 (FL-002) Bone regeneration of endo-perio lesion following combined endodontic and periodontal treatment approach: A case report Rio Suryantoro
11:00-12:00 Free Lectures 2 Moderator
Sin-Yeon Cho, Republic of Korea
11:00-11:30 (FL-003) CBCT for detecting vertical root fracture in endodontically treated teeth: How solid is the evidence Amir Azarpazhooh
11:30-12:30 (FL-004) The molecular mechanism of MTA-induced biological activities Jin Man Kim
Republic Of Korea
R1 (3F)
09:30-10:30 Oral Research Presentation 1 Moderator
Sangwon Kwak, Republic of Korea
09:30-09:45 (OP-001) Relationship between dentinal defects and endodontic chemo-mechanical instrumentation: A cadaver study using Micro-CT Vui Tan
09:45-10:00 (OP-002) Investigation of intracanal moisture conditions on closure property of four root canal sealers Hantang Sun
10:00-10:15 (OP-003) Comparison of apical transportation & centering ability of Proglider, Path File & G File using CBCT – An in vitro study Padmini Chandrasekhar
10:15-10:30 (OP-004) Cyclic fatigue resistance of Hyflex controlled memory nickel - Titanium files after two different types of heat treatment Vasfiye Isik
11:00-12:00 Oral Research Presentation 3 Moderator
Hussain Al-Huwaizi, Iraq
11:00-11:15 (OP-005) Evaluation of the smear layer removal and sealer penetration after use of 2 modified sodium hypochlorite solutions. Shalini Aggarwal
11:15-11:30 (OP-006) Comparative study of apically extruded debris by ProTaper Next (PTN) system and K3 endodontic rotary files Mannu Vikram
11:30-11:45 (OP-007 Effect of intracanal medicaments on the push out bond strength of two biocermic root filling materials Kranthi Raja
11:45-12:00 (OP-008) Comparison of single cone, vertical and lateral condensation obturation methods based on radiographic observation Noor Hafida Widyastuti
R2 (3F)
09:30-10:30 Oral Research Presentation 2 Moderator
Endang Suprastiwi, Indonesia
09:30-09:45 (OP-022) SEM & TEM analysis of MTA monoblock canal obturation and long term outcomes Jun Sang Yoo
Republic Of Korea
09:45-10:00 (OP-024) The effect of chitosan nanoparticle as a final irrigation solution on the micro-hardness of root canal dentin Diatri Nari Ratih
10:00-10:15 (OP-025) Analysis of interleukin-1β expression in inflamed rat dental pulp after capped with trigona sp. propolis from Indonesia Ardo Sabir
11:00-12:00 Oral Research Presentation 4 Moderator
Minseock Seo, Republic of Korea
11:00-11:15 (OP-026) The effect of sodium ascorbate on odontoblast layer of dental pulp after in office bleaching using hydrogen peroxide Yulita Kristanti
11:15-11:30 (OP-027) Accuracy of different electronic apex locators in determination of minimum root perforation diameter Simay Koc
11:30-11:45 (OP-028) Antimicrobial activity of herbal extract and oils against common endodontic pathogens using MBC/MIC ratio Chetana Makade
Auditorium (3F)
13:30-14:40 Invited Lectures 3 Chairperson
Luke Sung Kyo Kim, Republic of Korea
13:30-14:40 Does heat treated NiTi facilitate endodontic therapy? Tara Mc Mahon
Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Belgium

*Sponsored by Micro-Mega

15:10-16:20 Invited Lectures 4 Chairperson
Asgeir Sigurdsson, USA
15:10-16:20 Extraction-Replantation: An alternative surgical technique Samuel O. Dorn
University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston, USA
Hall E5 (3F)
13:30-14:50 Country Representative Speakers 5 Moderator
Catherine Ricci, France
13:30-14:10 Current and future challenges of Regenerative Endodontic Procedures (REP) Mohammad Hossein Nekoofar
14:10-14:50 Concept of IDEPS – New way of eliminating bacterial biofilm Alexandar Koval
15:10-17:20 Country Representative Speakers 7 Moderator
Marie Antoniette Veluz, Philippines
15:10-15:50 Current trends in endodontology Serge Bouillaguet
15:50-16:30 Challenges of endodontic miscalls Margaret Tiu
16:40-17:20 Dynamic activated irrigation : A plus or a must? Carla Zogheib
Hall E6 (3F)
13:30-14:50 Country Representative Speakers 6 Moderator
Won-Jun Shon, Republic of Korea
13:30-14:10 Flowable bioceramic materials in endodontics. Clinical application and 3D reality Saulius Drukteinis
14:10-14:50 Cracks in teeth: How to find and manage cracks in teeth with pulp and periapical disease. Gus Jang
15:10-17:20 Country Representative Speakers 8 Moderator
Jung-Hong Ha, Republic of Korea
15:10-15:50 Pain : Etiology, prevention and management in clinical endodontics Miguel Miñana
15:50-16:30 Healing periapical lesions by non surgical endodontics Hussain Al-Huwaizi
16:40-17:20 Therapeutic Replantation António Ginjeira
Hall E3+E4 (3F)
13:30-14:30 Free Lectures 3 Moderator
Hyeon-Cheol Henry Kim, Republic of Korea
13:30-14:00 (FL-005) Antibacterial action of ultrasonic and laser-activated irrigation in the apical third of root canals Gary S.P. Cheung
Hong Kong
14:00-14:30 (FL-006) Rotate or Reciprocate in the era of heat treatment Walid Nehme
15:10-16:40 Free Lectures 4 Moderator
Kyoung-Kyu Choi, Republic of Korea
15:10-15:40 (FL-007) Laser-assisted endodontic micro-surgery...
Maximum impact, minimum collateral damage and optimal healing
Nguyen Nguyen
15:40-16:10 (FL-008) Clinical consideration of antiresorptive drugs in endodontics Minju Song
Republic Of Korea
16:10-16:40 (FL-009) Outcomes of vital pulp therapy in permanent teeth with different medicaments: Comprehensive review literature Abbasali Khademi
Iran (Islamic Republic Of)
R1 (3F)
13:30-14:45 Oral Research Presentation 5 Moderator
Gopi Krishna, India
13:30-13:45 (OP-009) Assessment of the XP - endo Finisher efficacy on cleaning residual fillings from the walls of previously treated canals Ahmed Elhakim
13:45-14:00 (OP-010) Comparing the contact percentage, dentin removal and apical debris extrusion of various rotary and reciprocating files. Rajkumar Kothandaraman
14:00-14:15 (OP-011) Quantitative analysis of dentin resin interface of luted fibre post after active and passive irrigation:a confocal study Pratima Shenoi
14:15-14:30 (OP-012) Effectiveness of irrigation techniques on sealer penetration in curved roots Dilek Helvacioglu-Yigit
14:30-14:45 (OP-013) Confocal laser scanning microscopic evaluation of the depth of Penetration of five root canal sealers Gaurav Kulkarni
15:10-16:25 Oral Research Presentation 7 Moderator
Alper Kustarci, Turkey
15:10-15:25 (OP-014) Accuracy of endoscopes to detect middle mesial root canals branching from coronal third of mesial root canals of mandibular molar teeth Ali KELES
15:25-15:40 (OP-015) A 3D finite element analysis on relationship between Mineral Trioxide Aggregate thickness and pulp perforation width Zeynep Ozkurt Kayahan
15:40-15:55 (OP-016) Effect of 35% sodium ascorbate on the calcium and phosphorus loss in dentin bleached with 35% hydrogen peroxide Tunjung Nugraheni
15:40-16:10 (OP-017) Lateral thinking in endodontic diagnosis RUPAL VAIDYA
16:10-16:25 (OP-018) The limitations of indications for nonsurgical endodontic retreatment Burcu Serefoglu
16:40-17:10 Oral Research Presentation 9 Moderator
Kyung San Min, Republic of Korea
16:55-17:10 (OP-020) Smear layer removal in the apical third using four different irrigation systems. FESEM evaluation in an Ex Vivo study. Pietro Palopoli
17:10-17:25 (OP-021) Clinico - histopathological comparison of pulpal changes following direct pulp capping procedures using Endosequence root repair, mineral trioxide aggregate and calcium hydroxide – A pilot study Saravanan Poorni
R2 (3F)
13:30-14:45 Oral Research Presentation 6 Moderator
Viresh Chopra, Oman
13:30-13:45 (OP-030) Bioactive glass in endodontics Tugce Yuca Ozturk
13:45-14:00 (OP-031) Antibacterial effect of arginine on enterococcus faecalis Margareta Rinastiti
14:00-14:15 (OP-032) Biocompatability of three perforation repair materials Mohamed Salem
Saudi Arabia
14:15-14:30 (OP-033) Comparative bioactivity of two bio ceramic indirect pulp capping materials - An ex-vivo study Aakriti Saini
14:30-14:45 (OP-034) Effect of resin solvents on the dislodgement resistance of root canal fillings Gamze Nalci
15:10-16:25 Oral Research Presentation 8 Moderator
Yun-Chan Hwang, Republic of Korea
15:10-15:25 (OP-035) Determination of pulp vitality in Oropharyngeal cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy: A clinical study SONALI KAPOOR
15:25-15:40 (OP-036) Regenerative endodontic protocols in immature teeth should be performed with complete biomechanical preparation ALICIA CARO
15:40-15:55 (OP-037) Lithium containing S-PRG fillers enhanced tertiary dentin formation via Wnt/β-catenin pathway activation Manahil Ali
15:40-16:10 (OP-038) Stem cells isolated from dental tissues Fatma Kaplan
16:10-16:25 (OP-039)Impact of minimal root canal taper on the fracture resistance of endodontically treated bicuspids. Germain Sfeir
16:40-17:25 Oral Research Presentation 10 Moderator
Sunil Kim, Republic of Korea
16:40-16:55 (OP-040) Nurturing the Nature: A novel approach with PRF in management of deep carious lesions Vaishali Parekh
16:55-17:10 (OP-041) Adhesion of pulp stem cells on biomaterials and dentin: Effect of human-derived concentrated growth factor Tugba Turk
17:10-17:25 (OP-042) Evaluation of surface integrity of root end cavities prepared using conventional and piezoelectric device – An SEM Study SREENATH NARAYANAN

Hands-on Course

Time Lecture Title Speakers
Hall E1 (3F)
09:30-12:30 Anatomically Directed EndodonticsDetail ▼ Martin Trope
University of Pennsylvania, USA
Hall E2 (3F)
10:00-12:00 [Masterclass] The Importance Of Technological Advancements For The Improvement Of Outcomes In Your PracticeDetail ▼ Sergio Kuttler
International Endodontic Institute in Fort Lauderdale, USA
Hall E1 (3F)
14:00-17:00 2Shape: Two files to Shape with a Safe and efficient new innovative file systemDetail ▼ Franck Diemer
Toulouse Dental Surgery’s
University, France
Hall E2 (3F)
15:00-17:00 [Masterclass] Featuring Gold Glider & WaveOne GoldDetail ▼ Cliff Ruddle
Advanced Endodontics® , USA
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